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Once a person buys a run your car on water DIY ebook, or buys a water-powered car kit over the Internet, he or she may need some support with installing and optimizing the HHO unit. Even though some support is offered with the DIY systems or kits, additional support and even a sense of community is sought by some who want to compare notes with others who are currently using similar devices.

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There are a couple of active messages board where newbies can dive into the mix, ask questions and later help other newcomers to get the most out of their car's mileage saving and emissions reducing capabilities.

The first such message board is the Yahoo Water Car Group devoted to Daniel Dingel and his hydrogen-powered car. The Yahoo Water Car Group started out as a discussion of Filipino engineer Daniel Dingel and reports of several cars that he was able to have run on water using their internal combustion engines.

There has been some mystery and vagueness surrounding whether or not these cars were totally powered by water or used water and HHO gas as a supplement to the gasoline-powered internal combustion engines. But, what this group has evolved into is an active and passionate collection of people who are using hydrogen on demand units on their cars and achieving increased gas mileage, horsepower and reduced emissions.

The Yahoo Water Car Group can get very nuts and bolts and technical, which is perfect for a DIY person who has a moderate amount of automotive skills. Expect to learn about hydrogen generators for cars from people like Bob Boyce and the Smack's booster from Electric here.

There is also another very nuts and bolts technical water car group over at OUPower.com that is also geared towards do-it-yourself types who want to get their hands dirty, squeezing out miles from their cars.

Some of the messages on the board concern Daniel Dingel's water car, how to install an HHO generator for a particular make of car, what electrolyte to use, the use of flow meters, EFI sensors and the Joe Cell. If you're an automotive techie then this is also another place to get your hands dirty and join in on the conversation and conversion of your own vehicle and let other's know your results.

Another resource for those a little less hard core is the Fuel Saver group, which doesn't look quite as active or as intimidating as perhaps the other two groups.

Two other groups that I've found that are also worth checking out are HHO forums and HHO info and address similar problem solving and how-to issues as the other boards listed. Each resource has its own style, flavor, types of visitors with varying levels of expertise, so try several and find the ones that work for you.

All of these water car groups listed are a valuable resource for those wanting to install and optimize a hydrogen fuel injection system in their own vehicles. Communities such as these tend to validate one's own experience and help achieve higher levels of success than one can many times achieve on one's own.


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