Hydrogen Fuel Injection

Hydrogen fuel injection is done to supplement gasoline or diesel burning internal combustion engines in order to help them reduce emissions and increase gas mileage. Hydrogen fuel injection goes by many terms but the function is to electrolyze water (H2O) and inject the resulting HHO gas into the car's intake.

Hydrogen Fuel Injection
Hydrogen Fuel Injection
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The HHO gas will make the internal combustion engine burn more cleanly, with less deposits than one that is chugging and choking on fossil fuels alone. The purpose of hydrogen fuel injection is to supplement the gasoline or diesel currently running inside a car or truck.

By replacing some fossil fuels with HHO gas, mileage per tank is increased (reducing the cost of gasoline) and less emissions come out the tailpipe. Now, over the years, many people have questioned the legitimacy of hydrogen fuel injection. And, of course, there are some scam artists out there who have taken advantage of the confusion over this subject.

So, let's clear things up a bit. There are some sites (such as this site) that make the proclamation to run your car on water. But, look at little bit more closely and this does not mean the whole car. Running an entire car on water is still science fiction and not science fact. But, running a car partially on water is science fact.

Many are doing it right now. The fact is there are three members of the prestigious National Hydrogen Association including HyPower, Hy-Drive and the Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company that manufacture hydrogen injection systems and have proven results.

The good news is that anyone can build or buy a hydrogen fuel injection system. At the low end you can buy an ebook and do-it-yourself. At a little higher level you can buy the components for the HHO generator and install it yourself. At even a higher level you can buy a high output system and have a mechanic install it for you.

The technology is proven and the choice is yours. How much gasoline do you want to save today?


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