Hydrogen Conversion

A hydrogen conversion of one's car or other vehicle is high on many people's list now days with the skyrocketing cost of gasoline. There are two basic types of hydrogen conversion kits one can buy to put on one's vehicle.

Hydrogen Conversion

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The first type of hydrogen conversion is so that the vehicle will run on 100-percent H2 gas. The second type of hydrogen conversion is so that a typical gasoline-powered car can run partly on H2 gas created on demand from water.

Let's talk about the first type of hydrogen conversion. The customer for this type of conversion is an early adopter who wants to get totally off any dependency upon oil. They would like to take their vehicle into a mechanic and have him do a 100-percent hydrogen conversion and be able to drive home knowing only H2 will ever again go into this car, truck or SUV.

The problem with this type of hydrogen conversion is first, it is very expensive and second, there is little hydrogen refueling infrastructure to support this vehicle now. As far as the costs for this type of hydrogen conversion one can expect to pay over $30,000. Just the carbon fiber metal hydride tanks alone with cost $5,000 to $10,000 apiece.

The top three vendors who do this type of hydrogen conversion include Quantum Technologies, Intergalactic Hydrogen and AFV Tech. There are also a handful of universities converting vehicles to run on hydrogen as well. In addition, ITM Power is converting Ford Focuses to run on hydrogen and will be selling home hydrogen refueling stations as well.

Now, the second type of hydrogen conversion involves hydrogen on demand technology. No new refueling stations need to be built to support this technology. The hydrogen is created on demand from water under the car's hood. This car is only partly powered by hydrogen, however.

This type of hydrogen conversion can be implemented on most gasoline, diesel, ethanol and natural gas powered vehicles. Hydrogen conversion ebooks and kits can be purchased online (such as through the advertisers on this site, whom we recommend).

The hydrogen conversion kits work by electrolyzing a small amount of water, splitting it into its components of hydrogen and oxygen and feeding the gas into the vehicle's intake system. The hydrogen helps the cylinders burn the fuel more cleanly and completely, extending the MPG's and reducing emissions.

Either type of hydrogen conversion mentioned on this page will reduce emissions and improve mileage. One everyone can use and the other only the most hardcore of future thinkers will even want to attempt.


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