Denny Klein

Denny Klein is the founder and chairman of Hydrogen Technology Applications out of Clearwater, Florida and the inventor of its main product called Aquygen. Aquygen is created by the electrolysis of water, when H20 is turned into HHO gas. The HHO gas is then run through an internal combustion engine to help it displace some fuel and burn more cleanly. This in turn will increase gas mileage and reduce emissions.

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Denny Klein
Denny Klein

Denny Klein has been the figure of controversy over the past several years as critics have decried his product as a scam or fraud. However, Klein has proven his Aquygen product time and again in trials before the media such as the 1994 Ford Escort Wagon, a 1998 Ford Ranger pickup truck and in a Hummer he is developing for the U. S. Military.

It must be noted that although Denny Klein has demonstrated a prototype of his HHO generator in cars, he does not have a commercially available product offered yet. The product that is being offered is an Aquygen gas generator for the welding industry based upon generating HHO gas from water via electrolysis.

HHO gas is sometimes referred to as Klein gas (because of the innovation of Denny Klein) or Brown's gas (because of the innovation of Yull Brown). Hydrogen Technology Applications was founded in 1997 by Klein and all of its products are based upon the innovations by Denny Klein.


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